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An online coach and mentor who helps people take control over every aspect of their life, both physically and mentally.

Body & Brain Coaching is a fitness company founded by Lewis who wanted to create his own identity after working for another company. The company helps individuals to take control of their physical and mental health by providing comprehensive coaching services. Lewis’ personal journey of losing weight and undergoing heart surgery has inspired him to help others in their physical and mental struggles. We were tasked with creating a new identity, website, and members portal that reflected Body & Brain Coaching’s values, mission, and story.

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I don’t even know where to start! Digital Bear have taken my brain-dump of thoughts surrounding what I wanted, and turned them into a reality. Right from my branding through to my website, they’ve exceeded expectations at every single step. It’s great to have people that know the industry well to bounce ideas off. Going into the process, I only had some fairly vague ideas on how I wanted everything to be, so it definitely helped in that sense.

The website is really easy to use. I underestimated the time it’s already saved me. Being able to direct clients to certain webinars etc. instead of answering the same questions over and over again has been mint. From the training videos that were provided I’ve also built a couple of completely separate pages that have helped my sales flow come on leaps and bounds.

Lewis Potts


Our team started by researching the fitness industry, the competition, and the audience to develop a comprehensive understanding of the market. We understood that the brand should have a strong visual identity that conveyed its values and the founder’s personal journey.

We created a logo that incorporated a B, heart, and brain to represent the brand’s core values. The B stands for “Body,” the heart for “Heart” and the brain for “Brain.” We chose these elements to represent the holistic approach to fitness and the connection between physical and mental health. We created a simple, sleek, and modern design that could be applied across various platforms, such as merchandise, website, and social media. We also selected a colour palette that reflected the brand’s values of wellness, trust, and professionalism.

The members portal was the perfect touchpoint for the brand to provide value to its clients. We created a secure location where all educational content could be stored, and clients could have access to training programs, nutrition plans, and mental wellness resources. We also ensured that the portal was user-friendly and accessible on all devices, making it easy for clients to access the content.


After implementing the new identity and members portal for Body & Brain Coaching, the brand has seen significant improvements in various aspects of its operations. The new brand identity has helped to create brand recognition after being applied effectively across platforms including merchandise, journals, website and social media. One of the most significant outcomes of the project was the creation of a website that was easy to use and navigate. The website was designed to be user-friendly and accessible, allowing clients to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Clients have appreciated the convenience of having all educational content in one place, and it has been an excellent touchpoint for the brand to provide value to its clients. Additionally, the members portal has helped Body & Brain Coaching to reduce the workload of answering repeated questions from clients. Instead, Lewis can now direct clients to the portal where they can find answers to their questions. This has allowed Lewis to focus on other aspects of its operations, such as creating new programs and expanding the company’s reach.

Overall, the brand has seen improvements in its operations, increased engagement with clients, and improved physical and mental health outcomes. The members portal has been a valuable touchpoint and the brand is well positioned to continue its growth and help individuals take control of their physical and mental health.

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