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Chloe Shah Fitness's mission is to redefine fitness norms, promoting a life of balance and joy for women.

Chloe Shah Fitness provides a fresh perspective in the fitness industry, offering services tailored to women aged 25 to 50. Rejecting the notion that fitness requires giving up life’s pleasures, Chloe Shah Fitness promotes a balanced lifestyle where enjoyment and well-being go hand in hand, ensuring that physical and mental health are enhanced in tandem.

The goal was to create a new, modern and completely bespoke identity that truly encapsulates the personality of the brand.

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“ I’ve worked with Digital Bear Design for the past year, they’ve done all of my eBooks and helped me with my web design. We have just completed my new logo and brand design, which is absolutely amazing and I love it. The communication throughout the process has been amazing. Even when I was filling out the form for what I wanted for my brand, I couldn’t find the best for words sometimes, Nicole and Adam were still able to come up with this amazing brand, exactly what I wanted! 

Before, I never really had a brand, it was just a logo that I had made at the start of my journey, and it was cheaply done. I wanted to create something that represented me, my coaching business, and the future vision I have. I wanted something simple, elegant and something that was just for me that no one else had. Nicole came up with the coolest thing ever. It’s absolutely amazing. ”

Chloe Shah


The branding challenge was to encapsulate the essence of Chloe Shah Fitness’s mission – debunking the “all or nothing” mindset pervasive in health and fitness. Our objective was to create a visual identity that communicates the possibility of enjoying life’s indulgences while maintaining a commitment to health and fitness. 

We aimed to design a brand that radiates confidence, happiness, and wellness, illustrating that sacrifices aren’t necessary for feeling and looking great. We approached this by designing a bespoke logo that moves away from common fitness motifs. The new logo represents Chloe Shah Fitness’s core values using shapes and psychology reflective of her mission. The logo icon represents infinity, unity, and connection, while its symmetry embodies balance and movement, complementing the brand’s focus on femininity.


The new brand identity of Chloe Shah Fitness has significantly boosted her visibility in the fitness space. With a bespoke visual identity that resonates deeply, it’s now clear who the brand is for and what they are trying to achieve in a fitness journey that creates balance with both mindset and physical wellness. 

The logo has grown to represent much more — it embodies the full, balanced lifestyle that Chloe Shah promotes. Since the rebrand, there’s been a noticeable uptake in engagement and a growing client base, as more women align with the brands vision. 

Chloe Shah Fitness now proudly stands out with a distinctive identity, showcasing a sustainable and enjoyable approach to health.

Original branding

New brand direction

“ I actually love the branding that much that I would get it tattooed on me! The new logo is absolutely unreal. No matter what question I had, I just popped it into the WhatsApp group and they would literally reply within a matter of minutes. It was all done really efficiently. I thought it was going to take ages to do, but they literally did it in a matter of a few days. It’s a lot of work that they put into it, a lot of love and effort goes into creating the brand. 

I think that it will really impact my business positively, and I think it really represents who I am as a coach and what I want to bring to my coaching experience as well. I would a hundred percent recommend them to anybody looking to rebrand their business or website. ”

Chloe Shah

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