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A business mentorship that drives growth and achieves results for online fitness coaches and PTs.

Ste McGrath, an online fitness coach under the brand GRT, wanted to reposition himself as a business mentor and launch a premium 1-1 coaching service for fitness professionals. The new company would be a one-stop shop where online fitness coaches and PTs will be able to receive business and marketing advice from experts in digital marketing, branding, sales, copywriting, video and finance structure. He was looking for a new brand name and identity that reflected his vision and expertise.

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“We needed a lot of branding doing, so we had to start from scratch and the process is really good because I knew who I wanted to work with, I knew the kind of program I wanted, the kind of vibe that we needed but I didn’t really know how to put that into a logo or a brand or anything like that.

Digital Bear Design just took it all off my plate. So now as the brand’s kind of evolved we’ve made little tweaks to it. It’s been really really useful just to have a team that understand the ethos behind it. So I don’t have to go back to the drawing board every time I make a change in the business and it’s been valuable from a long-term brand and vision standpoint.”

Ste McGrath


After careful consideration and brainstorming sessions, we landed on the name “Collective Coaching” for Ste McGrath’s new business venture. The name was chosen because the program is a collection of expert services, a one-stop-shop where his community of clients come together as a collective group to learn and grow. The name perfectly captured the essence of the program and its offerings.

The brand identity needed to reflect the premium and luxurious nature of the high-ticket program. Without having a luxurious identity, potential customers could question the high-ticket prices and whether the program is the right fit for them when trying to scale and achieve a higher revenue. We designed an elegant yet simple sans-serif font for the logo which was then broken down into secondary logo formats and an icon so they could easily be applied across different platforms. The foiled copper against a navy background created a striking impact that gave potential customers an idea of the quality of services provided.

Landing pages are crucial when it comes to bringing in traffic for the program, and we were set the task to create a sales, form, and thank you page for a free workshop on how to triple your coaching revenue and get booked solid with high-paying online clients.


The new brand identity we created for Collective Coaching enabled Ste McGrath to position his program as a premium 1-1 coaching service for fitness professionals. The luxurious and premium brand identity set the tone for expectations and reflected the high-ticket prices of the program.

Through the free workshop landing pages we created, Ste McGrath was able to attract potential customers interested in growing their coaching revenue and business. The pages were designed to provide a clear and concise message about the program’s offerings and benefits while providing an easy-to-use form for signing up.

The Collective Coaching program has been a great success, with clients achieving remarkable results and growth, taking them to over 6 figures in their coaching businesses. Ste McGrath’s expertise and support is instrumental in helping his clients achieve their goals, and the premium brand identity has helped to attract and retain high-quality clients who are willing to invest in their businesses.

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