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Healthy meals made easy for fitness professionals looking to loose weight or build muscle.

EZY Nutrition is a meal prep company that was taken over by a new owner who wanted to reposition the company to target the fitness industry. Previously known as Perfect Prep, the company required a complete rebranding to differentiate itself from other competitors in the market. EZY Nutrition wanted to create a gender-neutral brand that would also appeal to a female audience.

EZY Nutrition represents saving time, easy to track calories, no washing up and takes away the struggle to create a calorie deficit or not being able to consume enough calories. The food is cooked fresh by an in-house chef and they provide healthy meals to fitness enthusiasts and sports people between the age 16-35 years.

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Having worked with Nicole and Adam on two businesses over the past 12 months I have been overwhelmed by their creative expertise and professionalism.

They were integral in successfully launching my new business, EZY Nutrition. The company now has a logo and brand identity that reflects its core values, stands out online and attracts the right target audience.”



To initiate the rebranding process for EZY Nutrition, a comprehensive analysis of the market, competitors, and target audience was conducted. The analysis revealed that the majority of the competitors targeted a male-dominated audience by using dark colours. This presented an opportunity for EZY Nutrition to differentiate itself by using a gender-neutral colour that would also appeal to female customers. The colour purple was selected as it was bold and friendly, and no other competitors used it to appeal to their audience, helping EZY Nutrition to stand out in the market.

A custom sans-serif logo was designed in an italic format to complement the colour palette, reflecting the sport element and appealing to a younger audience. The logo was simple, memorable, and easily recognisable, working well with the brand name that represented quick and easy meal preparation. Additionally, unique patterns were created to reflect the lifestyle of fitness enthusiasts, resonating with customers looking to lose weight or build muscle.


The new brand identity received positive feedback from the target audience and helped to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. The rebranding strategy was successful in helping to reposition EZY Nutrition in the fitness industry and stand-out as a unique meal prep company.

The rebrand has helped EZY Nutrition to build a strong online presence that stands out from competitors, retain customers and appeal to a more female based audience, encouraging and welcoming them compared to a masculine dominated brand.

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