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Kemo Marriott Coaching is an online fitness coach and in person trainer who helps busy high-powered men in their 30s become more happy, healthy and energised.

Kemo Marriott Coaching is a fitness professional who was facing challenges in attracting and retaining the right audience. Previously, Kemo lacked a clear brand identity, and the bright and vibrant turquoise and yellow colour palette was attracting the wrong clientele.

Kemo was seeking a fresh start and a way to stand out in a crowded market of fitness professionals targeting high-powered men in their 30s who hold senior positions. The goal was to create a new brand identity that would establish Kemo as the go-to choice for this discerning audience.

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Kemo Marriott Logo Branding

“The brand strategy workshop was very useful in helping me to provide clarity for my brand and the direction I wanted it to go in. I felt Nicole really understood my brand and how best to bring it to life.

The branding process was a lot of fun. I liked seeing the logos and enjoyed having an input into how the logo should look, based on Nicole’s designs. Communication throughout was excellent and prompt and I always felt listened to and prioritised.

The new branding has helped me to appear slick and professional and I am now more able to confidently sell a high ticket program. I’m also very happy with my website. It is slick and professional and delivers everything that I want in terms of a huge value added members area and pages that effectively communicate my offer and what I do.”

Kemo Marriott


The first step in creating the new brand identity was to conduct a Brand Strategy Half Day Workshop. This workshop was designed to gain clarity on Kemo Marriott Coaching’s vision, mission, purpose, target audience, brand personality, competitor analysis, and positioning within the market. This helped to establish a strong foundation for the new brand identity. In order to help potential and current clients resonate with the brand we took a deeper look into the brands personality using archetypes and discovered Kemo Marriott Coachings brand personality is The Ruler. This archetype is focused on creating a prosperous family or community, and values order, control, luxury, success, nobility, power, and ambition. This insight was used to inform the brand identity design, particularly the use of the colour purple.

We designed a bold and impactful custom logo that represents fitness and attracts the audience of high-powered men in their 30s who hold senior positions. The angles and slants in the logo represent a fitness nature, while the colour purple exudes luxury and success. This led nicely into the new website design which was designed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, informative and attract the right target audience. It needed to have clear messaging and calls to action to encourage visitors to explore the site further and become leads or clients. The members area of the website was designed to provide educational and nutritional content to Kemo Marriott Coaching’s clients. This content helps to increase customer engagement and loyalty, and reinforces Kemo Marriott Coaching’s expertise and authority in the fitness industry.


Kemo Marriott Coaching’s new brand identity has helped to successfully attract and position himself as the go-to choice for the audience of high-powered men in their 30s who hold senior positions. The new logo design and colour scheme created a strong brand image, which helped to increase brand awareness and recognition. This has helped to enable Kemo to raise his prices and sell a high-ticket programme.

The new website design and brand identity led to increased traffic on Kemo Marriott Coaching’s website. The website was designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, which helped to retain visitors and encourage them to explore the site further. The lead generation page on the website has led to higher conversion rates and the new clear brand messaging has helped to establish Kemo Marriott Coaching as the go-to choice for this discerning audience. This resulted in more leads and new clients for Kemo Marriott Coaching.

Original branding

Kemo Marriott Original Branding

New brand direction

Brand Strategy Cover
Kemo Marriott New Logo
Kemo Marriott Coaching Logo
Kemo Marriott Logo Icon Branding
Kemo Marriott Ebook Design Cover Image
Kemo Marriott Circle Logo
Kemo Marriott Logo Pattern
Kemo Marriott Social Media Mockups
Kemo Marriott Logo on Hoodie
Kemo Marriott Logo on Fitness Bottle

Website design

Kemo Marriott Fitness Website Design
Kemo Marriott Coaching custom website home page

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