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LMF specialises in helping performers achieve Oscar-worthy physiques.

Leanne Marshall Fitness wanted to create a website that reflected their unique personality and set them apart from competitors. It was essential that the website was a platform to attract new leads and is a membership hub for all their educational and nutritional content.

Based in the United Kingdom, LMF faced difficulty in signing up American clients due to a lack of a professional online presence. Leanne needed a bespoke website and custom lead generation strategy to attract performers looking to achieve lean physiques.

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“The work Nicole, Adam and Susan did in helping build my website was incredible. A totally bespoke service, they understood my ideas, were able to see me vision and elevate it above anything I could have even imagined. Creating a product that is far superior. I would totally recommend working with them.”

Leanne Marshall


To help Leanne achieve her goals for the business, we proposed a unique website design that incorporated both modern and historic elements of film which would attract performers and film stars. The combination of black and gold colours with typography and icon elements created a premium look that reflected the high-quality standards of LMF. 

To help attract performers and film stars, a custom lead generation strategy, ‘5 Ways To Make The Cut,’ was created, offering performers the five secrets to achieving a lean physique for an Oscar-worthy appearance.


The combination of a premium, personality-filled website design with a unique lead generation strategy that resonated with the target audience proved successful in driving traffic and generating leads from both the UK and America. Within three days of promoting the ‘5 Ways To Make The Cut’ lead generation ebook, 65 people downloaded the guide, and 11 people booked a call to sign up with Leanne Marshall Fitness.

The membership area has helped to increase customer loyalty and provide clients with educational and nutritional content that can easily be accessed all in one place.

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