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LIFTD Lifestyle sets the bar high, striving to be more than a gym – a place that truly inspires, educates, and motivates.

When Steph and Tim took over an established gym in Tarporley, Cheshire, they had an ambitious vision in mind, to rebrand and redefine the fitness space as LIFTD. 

Our goal was to help them achieve the task of developing a new brand identity for LIFTD that would accurately reflect the gym’s mission to become more than just a location, but offer a supportive, inclusive environment where members could achieve their fitness goals.

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“Working with Nicole and Adam at Digital Bear was an incredible experience! The journey they took us through to develop and incorporate our brand was a process we plain and simply wouldn’t have been able to appreciate without having gone through it. 

If you are serious about your business, and creating branding and a logo that you’re not only proud of, but also reflects your business, then you NEED to invest and outsource this important step to the professionals. We’re over the moon with how it presents in every aspect from signage, to social media, and apparel. Thanks heaps Team!“

Tim Stockdale


LIFTD Lifestyle’s new brand identity aimed to resonate with a diverse group of people aged 30-55 within an 8.5-mile radius, positioning LIFTD Lifestyle as a hub of inspiration, education, and motivation.

The decision to adopt a new name was critical, signifying not just new ownership but also a shift towards a more transformative community environment. The ultimate vision was to create a gym environment that is as enjoyable as it is effective for personal fitness achievements.

To enhance the new identity, targeted marketing efforts were implemented including merchandise like clothing, water bottles, towels and bags to introduce the refreshed brand to the local community and invite members to experience the new gym space.


Since the rebrand, LIFTD Lifestyle has fostered a dedicated community of members who bring energy and support to every session. The introduction of daily-use merchandise has made clients feel more connected to something meaningful.

The new gym makeover has transformed the space, feeling more modern, welcoming and exciting to turn up for every gym session. 

Through strategic brand development and a commitment to creating an inclusive and uplifting atmosphere, LIFTD Lifestyle has established itself as a key destination for fitness in Tarporley, inspiring and empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.

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