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RaceFit exists to help change the narrative in the racing industry.

RaceFit Online help’s prepare drivers for the physical demands of racing and to transform their overall well-being, turning them into versatile athletes who excel on the track and beyond. 

Our mission was to refresh the visual identity and marketing strategy that speaks directly to the core of racing. The rebrand was designed to make RaceFit Online appear fresh, dynamic and compelling, significantly enhancing its appeal to a broader demographic of racing professionals seeking to dominate the track and elevate their performance to championship levels.

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“I can’t actually tell you how much of a game changer it is to go through this process. When you realise what it is that you’re trying to achieve, you can suddenly connect with the things that you need to do to make that happen. It’s reignited that passion and that understanding of what I actually want to achieve with it. 

And so now it gives me a direction almost with everything, with the marketing side of things, especially with the brand and how we talk about ourselves and what we do, and then even down to how we deliver our programme.”

Will Taylor - Racefit


Our challenge was to re-envision RaceFit Online’s brand to reflect the high quality service they provide. RaceFit goes beyond conventional training methods to address the unique demands of racing drivers. This required a deep dive into creating a strategic brand identity that catered specifically to the mental and physical requirements unique to racers.

The new brand identity needed to be more modern, premium, timeless and work in all spaces. This involved refining the logo to include more subtle, racing-inspired elements, to ensure it resonates with racing drivers while maintaining its impact across various scales.

To make the brand more welcoming and engaging, we softened the red in their palette and introduced blue to create a clear distinction between their service offerings. Red represents the on-track intensity and fitness and blue for off-track recovery and well-being. 


The brand refresh has enhanced how RaceFit Online interacts with their clients, fostering a more personalised approach to fitness that truly resonates with the needs of racing drivers.

It has helped RaceFit Online to make a pivotal step in redefining their brand to accurately reflect their mission of empowering racers with a holistic approach to fitness and well-being. Through targeted branding and strategic design, we have helped to carve out a space within the racing fitness industry.

Since the rebrand we have developed a bespoke website and membership area that not only captures the essence of the new RaceFit Online brand, but also streamlines the user experience. This marketing tool has significantly improved online engagement, drawing in a larger audience of racing professionals and converting their interest into solid leads.

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