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Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the master plan, taking your fitness brand from where it is today, to where you need it to be to demand the attention, leads and sales that you want to see.

We help you articulate who you are, what you do and why it matters – showing you’re both relatable and remarkable so your potential client doesn’t just see you as ‘unattainable’ but an inspiration they want to be close to.

This allows you to connect with anyone who discovers you, crosses your path or finally visits your website to reach out.

The result of this touching everything is dramatic and it’s the reason all of the biggest companies in the World spend so much time and energy on further refining even the most successful brands.


Brand identity is the heartbeat of everything we do at Digital Bear Design. Having over 10 years experience, helping brand new start-up businesses to working with international businesses turning over multiple 7 figures. We are confident we can deliver bespoke branding that will impress, be memorable, help raise your prices and represent your business perfectly for your niche.

Your brand is NOT your logo.

A brand identity is all the visible elements that your clients see such as logo, fonts, patterns, colours, imagery, banners – and everywhere these are seen from social media to your website to ads.

When you build a strong consistent brand from the ground up you will have a clear vision for the brand identity when used consistently, branding helps to build an emotional connection, enhance your reputation and attract your ideal clients.


We work closely with you to create a client and potential client focused website that can both deliver the first impression impact of a brand that demands attention…

…but also the systems to generate real leads and sales through the website.

And even a membership area – or any other functionality – you’d like to see for a mind-blowing client experience all in one place.

Not only that – but our websites also focus on beautiful design, maximum functionality and complete compatibility with mobiles, tablets and desktops. 

Ebooks Websites Templates Branding Social Media Templates

Logos Custom Websites Brand Strategy Logo Animations

How do we achieve the results we have for now World renowned fitness businesses…

Our DBD Method™

Digital bear design method for fitness business and professionals
Digital bear design method for fitness business and professionals

These days having a logo just won’t cut it.

To create a stand-out brand you have to tell a story, resonate with your clients and create an experience.

Our DBD Method takes you through a journey, discovering problems and turning them into solutions.

The most important task is the initial phase, we help you to discover your problems, understand your competitors and give you a clear understanding on your brand landscape and opportunities.

Next, you need to define who you are, why you matter, how you’re going to show up and what you’re going to offer. This leads to an in-depth understanding and clear vision to design the brand itself.

The design stage covers all of your touch-points that are required based on the brand strategy and your mission. All of this together used consistently, provides you with the deliverables you need to build a successful brand.

And it’s this brand that has you standing out like a unicorn in a crowded market of identical sheep – so you can demand attention and convert that attention into enquiries and clients – fast…

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