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Want to attract dream clients, grow your email list and boost sales?

The Lead Accelerator Bundle™ featuring THREE landing pages that convert strangers into warm leads is your answer!

In the competitive fitness space, standing out isn’t just about offering exceptional services. It’s about reaching the right people at the right time.

Are you ready to elevate brand awareness, amplify revenue and have a thriving email list of potential clients?

The Lead Accelerator Bundle™ simplifies the process, ensuring you set up an effective lead magnet that breaks through the noise with clarity and ease, minus the overwhelm (even if you’re a technophobe) with three different options you can pick and choose from.

Every single landing page or funnel is fully templated, stupid-easy to edit and make your own and quite literally minutes from being ready to start putting in front of your dream prospects (and converting from strangers in to clients)

What is lead generation and why do I need it?

Lead generation is the strategic process of attracting and converting potential customers into individuals genuinely interested in your products or services.

It’s not just about gathering numbers, but truly connecting with the right people who resonate with what you offer.

And the secret?

Having diverse forms of content. An eBook can cater to readers, a video sequence to visual learners, and a challenge can ignite action.

And we’ve bundled them all for you.

What’s inside The Lead Accelerator Bundle™?

eBook Lead Generation Freebie Page

Establish yourself as a go-to fitness expert in your field. By offering an eBook, you're not just giving away content, you're sharing knowledge. This valuable content doesn't just shine a light on your expertise, but can be an opportunity for them to sample the depth of your know-how without any risk, and for you, it's the first step in building trust.

2-Part video sales letter (VSL) Sequence

Videos offer a unique way to connect. They aren't just visuals with information, they are a gateway to the personality behind the brand. Our specially crafted video sequence landing pages are not only designed to attract but to engage. It's not about views, but about making a lasting impression.

Challenge Page

By offering challenges, you give your audience a chance to see their own potential - and how your expertise can guide them to achieve more. They aren't just tasks, but opportunities to grow and showcase progress. This interactive approach doesn't just spotlight your know-how but creates a vibrant community around shared goals.

Killer Hooks & Headlines eBook

Learn how to craft captivating hooks and headlines that inspire action and amplify conversions. With proven strategies and expert insights, this eBook is your secret weapon to making your content truly irresistible.

Access to our video portal

We provide you with step by step tutorials on how you can customise our landing pages and make them bespoke to you. We will show you how to use your landing pages to achieve full potential of bringing in the right leads for you.

PS. FREE Bonus links pages for the next 10 coaches

Social Media Links Page

Potential leads can easily become overwhelmed and lost among a multitude of links. This page acts as a central hub, an organised space where your services and offerings can be found. It streamlines the journey for those interested, ensuring they can engage, follow or reach out with utmost ease, regardless of their preferred platform.

Client achievements from our landing pages

You can have your lead generation pages live and converting

Choose from three different designs

Once you have purchased The Lead Accelerator Bundle™ you will have the opportunity to hop on a call with us and select from three different designs to best suit your niche. Energize is gender neutral based, Power is male based and Balance is female based.

Lead Accelerator design options

You have mail

Once you have selected your design we will send an email invitation to access your Lead Accelerator Bundle™ within 48 hours.

Customise your bundle

We have made The Lead Accelerator Bundle™ completely customisable to fit your niche and outshine competitors. Plus, our step-by-step videos ensure even technophobes can breeze through the editing process!


Get ready to launch your Lead Accelerator Bundle™ and watch the leads roll in!

The benefits

Attract people who don’t just buy, but become loyal clients

It's one thing to attract a sale, it's another to cultivate a relationship that extends beyond the transaction. With our highly converting landing pages, you won't just gain customers, you'll build relationships with clients who trust your expertise and consistently choose your brand.

Boost your revenue like never before

It's not just about making a sale, it's about creating an engaging experience that leads to consistent conversions. Elevate your revenue game by engaging effectively and converting efficiently.

Imagine having an ever-growing email list

An email list is more than just names and addresses. It's about creating a fan base that not only eagerly awaits your content but is also more inclined to invest in your offerings. With the right lead generation, you're not just gathering emails, you're building a community of potential buyers.

Create offers that are irresistible

In a crowded marketplace, your uniqueness is your biggest asset. Tailor your offerings in such a way that they speak directly to your ideal audience, making them nearly impossible to decline. With our Lead Accelerator Bundle™ you can use different ways to create impact from eBooks to videos to challenges to capture the right audience for you.

Reflect your quality of services

First impressions matter. Our Lead Accelerator Bundle™ will ensure your landing pages and visuals are as high-quality as the services you provide. This will help to position you as the impact and capture the attention of your dream clients.

An effortless, efficient and stress free set-up

Have absolute ease using our Lead Accelerator Bundle™ . We offer an intuitive setup process suitable for all skill levels and provide step-by-step tutorials on how to customise these landing pages to make them uniquely yours. We'll guide you through maximising their potential, ensuring you attract the perfect leads for your business.

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This bundle is for you if ANY of these apply:

This bundle is NOT for you if:

An effortless setup with step-by-step tutorials

Supercharging your lead generation has never been simpler. Our clear, concise, and easy-to-follow tutorials guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup process. Whether you’re customising your pages or launching your challenge, our tutorials have got you covered. This makes the entire process a breeze, even for those new to websites or who consider themselves technophobes!

Start seeing results in hours, not days.

At Digital Bear Design, we understand the urgency of growing your fitness business. That’s why our Lead Accelerator Bundle is geared to deliver results swiftly. With our step-by-step guidance, you could be welcoming new leads within just a couple of hours of setup. Say goodbye to lengthy and complicated processes; say hello to efficiency and effectiveness.

Ready to elevate your lead generation game?

If you’re looking for a solution that’s functional, easily editable and priced significantly less than a custom build, then the Lead Accelerator Bundle™ is for you!


The landing pages are hosted on Squarespace, ensuring quality and reliability.

Yes, hosting starts from £13 per month. However, we offer a special 20% discount on hosting plus a domain included if you choose to pay annually.

Absolutely! We provide detailed tutorials in our video portal that guide you in tailoring the landing pages to make them more on brand.

Not at all! Our bundle is designed to be user-friendly. Plus, our step-by-step video tutorials ensure that even those new to digital platforms can set things up with ease.

The Lead Accelerator Bundle is crafted to help fitness professionals like you attract dream clients, grow your email list and enhance sales. The landing pages and resources within the bundle are tailored for the unique needs and challenges of the fitness industry.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth experience for you. Should you face any challenges or have queries, we’re just an email or call away to assist you.

If you’re new to Squarespace, we’ll guide you through the setup and take you step by step through the process. If you have an existing account, simply grant us access, and we’ll seamlessly integrate The Lead Accelerator Bundle™ into your website.

Certainly! The Lead Accelerator Bundle™ is flexible in terms of language adaptation. You can easily modify the language directly on the site. Additionally, there are several third-party applications available that can assist with translating the content to your desired language.

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