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Designed specifically for Fit Pros, this Ultimate Brand Kit is your golden ticket to elevating your brand identity.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, standing out is more crucial than ever. 

This kit ensures that you not only make a mark but also create an unforgettable first impression on every new lead that comes your way. 

So, if you’re serious about positioning your brand at the top, this kit is your starting point.

What's included in The Ultimate Brand Kit Bundle?

The Ultimate Branding Planner

An in-depth document designed to help you unlock the potential of not only your brand purpose but the whole service your business offers. It provides detailed worksheets to help you position your brand.

Attracting & Selling To Your Dream Client

This video is from Module 1 of our course, Client Journey In A Box™ that we designed to help you attract clients, position your brand in a crowded market and retain clients for longer. 

Unlocking The Power Of Colour Psychology

Colour psychology combines art and science to show how colours can drive emotions and behaviours. In fitness branding, your colour choices can influence perceptions, and sway purchase decisions.

Strategic Plan Worksheet

Combining your vision, mission, and purpose with your one, three, and five year goals through strategic planning can help to align your daily actions with long-term success.

Create Your Vision, Mission, Purpose Statements

Your vision, mission and purpose define your brand’s core principles, guide your business strategies and communicate your values to customers, helping to build a strong, cohesive identity.

Do You Need a Rebrand?

We know that figuring out the right time for a rebrand can be tricky. So we’ve put together a guide with key questions and an easy-to-follow diagram to help you decide if it’s time for a rebrand.

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