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To redefine the standard for health optimisation in female leadership.

Your Future Forward approached us with a visionary goal – to redefine health optimisation for female leaders. Ensuring that thriving, not just surviving, becomes the new reality for every woman leading her field in both their professional and personal lives.

Your Future Forward aims to empower women to 10x their energy and focus, conquering burnout and achieving a seamless integration of peak performance and well-being.

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“ Before partnering with Digital Bear Design, I was at a complete starting point with my brand concept. I lacked the direction and depth necessary to define what my brand was truly about. That’s when Nicole and the team at Digital Bear Design stepped in and changed everything. From the outset, Digital Bear Design offered guidance and constructive challenge through their expert coaching and insightful approach. 

Nicole didn’t just help me pick out colours and designs; she delved deep to uncover the essence of what makes my brand uniquely mine. She asked the right questions to reveal my “why,” transforming my jumbled thoughts into a coherent brand identity that truly resonated with me (AND very uniquely built in my South African heritage into my brand – never ever did I even consider doing this). ”

Yvette - Your Future Forward


We began the Your Future Forward project with our brand strategy workshop, dedicating a full day to dissect and align the brand’s core vision with its target audience. This deep dive allowed us to uncover a unique selling point that would set Future Forward apart, the vibrant South African heritage of its founder, Yvette. This discovery shaped the direction of the brand to highlight this bold, dynamic approach in every aspect of the branding. The workshop was extremely collaborative and helpful in understanding of how to position Your Future Forward in the wellness industry. Not just as another entity but as a unique, authentic brand, that communicates with impact and stands out from the conventional approaches in the industry.

By harnessing Yvette’s South African roots, we instilled a unique vibrancy into the brand identity, creating bold, distinctive touchpoints that resonate on a personal level. This has translated into increased visibility and has distinctively positioned Your Future Forward within its niche, connecting deeply with female leaders seeking transformation in health optimisation.


The brand strategy workshop was crucial to help Yvette move the brand forward, crystallising her vision and establishing a clear direction for Your Future Forward. It led to a deeper understanding of the brand’s essence, including its DNA, vision, mission, purpose, values, target audience, and personality. The outcome is a brand identity that’s not only bold and visually compelling but also a true reflection of Yvette herself. The visual elements of the brand now resonate deeply, sparking conversations with the target audience and standing out with its distinct cultural story.

Infused with vibrant colours and dynamic imagery, the new brand identity has captivated female leaders, generated new leads and formed new connections. Yvette’s unique South African roots became the focal point of the brand’s story, setting Your Future Forward apart from competitors. This USP was leveraged to create marketing campaigns that stood out for their authenticity and vibrancy, leading to an increased recognition within the health optimisation sector.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Visual brand identity

“ What impressed me most was how excellent our communication remained throughout the project. I never once felt out of the loop or uncertain about the project’s progress. This level of transparency and engagement made the collaboration not just productive but also enjoyable. 

Digital Bear Design’s input has been transformative for my brand, taking it to heights I never imagined possible. With their help, I’ve been able to position my brand distinctively within the female health coaching space. My brand now authentically represents me, allowing me to communicate with impact and stand out from the conventional approaches in the industry. ”

Yvette - Your Future Forward

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